TOP 10 Longboards for sale under $100

Although I usually say that you should spend at least 100 bucks to get a decent board, sometimes there might be some exceptions where you can get one for just under that. I’ll try to review a few of them that I think are pretty good choices for beginners on a budget. Some say you should get a proper high quality board right away, others say that you should go cheaper in case you realize that longboarding is not for you. Of course, you can always resell your equipment but if you think it’s too much hassle, there’s nothing wrong going with cheaper board first. It might help you to better understand your needs and realize which riding style you like best and then get a suiting higher quality longboard.

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So, here’s my list of top 10 longboards for sale under $100.

Atom Green Drop-Through

One of the most popular longboards in this price segment. It’s 41inch length, drop-through for increased stability and wheel-bite safe deck shape. Wheels are quite versatile at 70mm diameter and 51mm width and long-lasting as well. When you get it, loosen the trucks a bit as they come too tight and you’re good to go!




The Quest Super Cruiser

Completely different style board for those who prefer the pintail shape and top mounted trucks. Also very popular board because of its great value. It has quite long maple/bamboo hybrid deck at 44inches, so it’s comfortable even for tall people. The addition of bamboo means it has a nice flex which adds comfort when cruising. It might not be a good choice for commuting due to its length, but for cruising – it’s perfect. Also, this board is quite a looker.



Dusters Kodiak Mini Longboard

Kodiak by Dusters is a very cool little board. Deck length is only 32in so it’s perfect for commuting around campus or city center and light to carry. It has well sized wheels at 62mm x 51mm and good durometer for cruising on various surfaces as well – 78A. You might even use that tail to learn some tricks. Oh, and graphics are awesome, it even has a wood burned logo and California grizzly bear on the top.




Atom Kicktail Longboard

This board is quite unusual – it has very thick truck risers which almost completely eliminates wheel bite risk and additionally gives you that surfing feeling when carving. The downside is that you are quite high above the road so it’s a tad harder to keep your balance. The deck is maple and 39in long; wheels are 65mm and 78A durometer. It also has a nice long kick flip which is helpful for some tricks.





Atom Drop Deck Longboard

First drop deck in this list. The first longboard I’ve ever tried was a drop deck and I really liked the feeling of stability which you get being this low to the ground. Also, it’s very intuitive for foot placement. Long maple deck at 41in and adequate wheels at 70mm x 51mm. I’d loosen the trucks a bit as they come quite tight. Nice board for cruising and stable at speeds. Nothing fancy regarding graphics but it’s definitely not ugly.




VOLADOR 42inch Freeride

A true freeride style board. The deck is a drop through 42in long, made from maple. The trucks here are very uncommon at this price – you can flip the hangar to switch between 45 and 50 degree base angles. So for higher speeds and increased stability you can ride at 45 and for better carving/maneuverability you can flip to 50. Wheels here are sized at 70x51mm and 78A durometer ensuring pretty smooth ride. And I have to say that this is the prettiest board in this list – you can choose from 16 different graphics and it’s very hard to do as most of them look awesome.




Magneto The Tesla longboard

Magneto makes some decent budget longboards and The Tesla is no exception. It’s a downhill board with a nice U-shaped concave that locks your feet in. At 35in this is a perfect downhill deck length for most riders. Wheels are 73mm x 53mm with an average 78A durometer. Trucks are mounted on riser pads to avoid wheel bite, however it increases your height above ground. This longboard is a good choice for beginners who want to get into downhill, but when you gain some experience and your riding speeds increase – you’ll want to replace it with something more premium.



Penny board

 Penny board is a different kind of board and though they are not really ‘longboards’ at 22in, I think they’re worth checking out.  It’s a short cruiser, introduced by Australian-based company “Penny Skateboards” back in 2010. The deck is made out of plastic so it’s lighter than the wooden counterparts but is also incredibly strong. It actually is a revived design that goes back as far as 1970s. The best thing about Penny board is its portability. Perfect for riding around campus or short commuting. It also comes with a lifetime warranty!

The wheels are a bit on the harder side at 83A durometer but they’re not much smaller than the average longboard wheel size – 59mm x 45mm. However, since the deck is really small, keep in mind that it’ll be a bit difficult to hold your balance at first. As soon as you get used to it – it’s a really fun little board to ride around. They come in various colors as well.

White Wave Bamboo Cruiser

 Very aesthetically looking board with clear grip tape and only the company logo placed in the middle of the both sides. It’s not only good looking – 41in length bamboo/maple hybrid deck features medium concave and is great for carving. Wheels are at 70mm x 50mm, 80A durometer. Also, it comes with Hellion bearings with built-in spacers which is great. A rare case when you don’t need to change the bearings for the longboard at this price point. Great choice for those who want a simple minimalist-looking cruiser.


Atom Drop Through Longboard

 Another board from Atom – 39in length freerider. It’s a full maple laminated deck with photo heat transferred graphic. The wheels here are on the harder side so it would suit heavier riders better – 82A durometer and sized at 70mm x 42mm. Also, these wheels are pretty good if you wanna try and learn sliding – they break the traction quite easily. The deck features kick flips as well so you’ll have the option to learn some tricks too. The deck graphics are nothing special and no different options to choose from. Check out the clip below to see Atom longboards in action.



Pink Drop Down longboard

 This neon pink board won’t go unnoticed. 40in drop down deck ensures you’ll feel stable and close to the ground and makes pushing easier as well. Large wheels at 76mm and 80A durometer. Really good combination for beginners who will be mostly cruising or commuting. This longboard looks sturdy and long lasting.





So this completes our list of top 10 longboards for sale under $100. Please keep in mind that these longboard are on the lower price spectrum and manufacturers must cut some corners to sell it for these prices. A very common practice is to use cheap bearings which don’t roll that good. Most of the time you have to upgrade the stock ones. It’s can be a really cheap upgrade which will vastly improve your riding. We suggest to go for our loved Zealous bearings which offer probably the best price-performance ratio. Check them out:


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