Longboarding Helmets

The MOST important part of your gear – the helmet designed (and certified) for longboarding. Our heads are very fragile so we must protect them with a proper shell. There are many many good choices and some bad ones as well. You shouldn’t go for the cheapest option but you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot – certification is the key here. If the helmet has been properly certified, you should be confident wearing it. So, to save your time we won’t go into the details about different certificates and what they mean, instead just take a look below at our selected helmets which should keep you safe. Mainly, there are two different types of helmets when it comes to longboarding – full-face and half-shell. Full-face is crucial for high speed riders (and is a much more expensive option), whereas for cruising, dancing, etc. a half-shell should suffice.

Half-Shell Helmets

Protec Classic (~$50)

VOKUL (~$20)

Full-Face Helmets

TSG Pass (~$260)