Best longboard bearings

Bearings are probably the easiest and cheapest component to replace and doing that could vastly improve your riding speed. Low quality bearings will significantly slow your roll speed but fear not – here we have some of the best tried and tested bearings you can get and ride way faster.

Zealous (~$16) Our personal favorites – they come lubed with this special nanoceramic grease which “self heals” any imperfections or damage. They don’t come very fast right out the box – you have to break them in, but after 10 miles or so they start to feel really good and fast. Also, Zealous has spacers and speed-rings built-in so you don’t have to worry about that. Last but not the least – they are CHEAP!

Bones Ceramic Reds (~$80) If you want a premium product we suggest to go for ceramic Bones Reds bearings. These are one of the fastest bearings on market and ceramic material means they are harder, more durable and lighter than steel alternatives. However, these don’t have spacers and speed-rings built-in.