An honest Landyachtz Dinghy review: how good is it?

How Good is Landyachtz Dinghy

I have been asked many times whether Landyachtz Dinghy is a good longboard for a particular style and rider. So instead of answering those questions one by one I have decided to write and post this Landyachtz Dinghy review. I actually have tried riding dinghy quite a few times because a friend of mine owned one and was kind enough to borrow it to me. This review will be based on my personal experience and also on feedback from the riders which have tried it.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy a good longboard? Yes, it is a good longboard from a great brand and it is very fun to ride. Even more so given it’s pretty low price (check the current price on Amazon). The board parts are top notch and the board itself is really versatile. It is a perfect board to ride the streets of the city. That being said, if you are thinking about other styles like dancing, pumping or downhill, there are more suitable choices available out there.

There is a lot going on with the Landyachtz Dinghy. I have seen people cruising, going downhill, sliding, riding ramps, performing kick flips, ollies and doing some crazy stuff with it. In this post I will go through the key things that you should be aware when deciding if this is the board you want. We will cover the following:

  • The brand
  • Landyachtz dinghy specs
  • Review different parts of the board – deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and other
  • Determine which longboarding styles does the Dinghy shine in

What is the Landyachtz brand?

Ok, so let’s start with the brand first. I have already written before on my blog that Landyachtz is definitely one of my favorite longboard companies out there. They manufacture a wide variety of boards – from downhill to cruising and dancing.

Landyachtz is a Canadian company which has been around for quite some time. It has also earned a reputation of one of the premium longboard brands. Their boards usually get very good reviews and high ratings both amongst pro’s and more amateur riders.

Landyachtz Bear trucks equipped with Monster Hawgs wheelsWithout the boards, they also produce longboard trucks, wheels and even bearings. The trucks are called Bear Grizzlies, their wheels are called Hawgs and bearings – Spaceballs. While their trucks and wheels do rock (I am a fan and own a set of both, see image), there is some mixed feedback about the bearings. They are not the most popular ones, so it might be that they were taken over by the competitors in the market. I guess you cannot be awesome in everything you do, right?

In addition to all of the things they make, Landyachtz also has an environment friendly initiative. For every longboard sold, they promise to plant one maple tree. Thumbs up for that, guys!

Let’s get down to Dinghy – specs

Ok, we have looked at the brand, now let’s take a look at the board itself. The Dinghy is created to be the go to cruiser for riding in a campus or city streets. It is really versatile; you can do almost anything with it.

In order to be the best city cruiser, Dinghy was created to be smaller, lighter and to have more maneuverability than other cruisers. Despite the smaller size, it has been equipped with longboard wheels which allows it to be so versatile and to ride it over different surfaces.

So let’s take a look at the specs. First thing you notice that Dinghy is quite short compared to other boards you have seen. The board comes in three main sizes:

  1. 5 inches long, 8 inches wide and a wheelbase of 14.6 inches
  2. 26 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and a wheelbase of 14 inches
  3. 24 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and a wheelbase of 14 inches

So you have noticed that I have mentioned that these are the three main sizes, right? There have been 31 editions of Landyachtz Dinghy over the years. While some of the editions had a difference only in the graphic design part, some did have small differences in size. For example, Dinghy Handstand, it is a bit bigger in size – 29 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and has a wheelbase of 14.4 inches.

If you are thinking about getting this board, don’t get overwhelmed by variations. I would suggest to go for the bigger version and a graphic design that you like. The smaller versions of the Dinghy are great for smaller riders and kids but if you are of average height, go for the bigger version and don’t overthink it.

All of the Dinghies are equipped with the same parts except for differences in size of the deck. Trucks, wheels and bearings are all manufactured by Landyachtz and, of course, they come in high quality. In the next part I will review each of the parts of the board and highlight how do they affect your ride.

But before we do, check out Dinghy in action:

See the price of Landyachtz Dinghy on Amazon.

Landyachtz Dinghy Deck

Size of the deck – perfect for a city commuter

Let’s start with the size of the deck. As I have written, Dinghy comes in a few sizes from 24 to 29 inches long, 6.5 to 8.5 inches wide and with a wheelbase of 14 – 15 inches. Even though the size varies, it is still a pretty short board.

While the width of the board is not that important to maneuverability and stability of the board, the length and wheelbase does affect it a lot. Because of the board being shorter and having a smaller wheelbase, it is really easy to make tight turns and get your way around crowded areas. In exchange, shorter decks are less stable than long ones but Dinghy is surprisingly stable given its size.

Another benefit of having a short board is the portability. If you need to carry it around for a bit, it’s much easier than carrying a 42-inch-long cruiser.

Concave – quite mellow but sufficient

What about the concave? As you can see, most of the Dinghy models do have a concave. It is a mellow radial concave. That means that the center of the board is the lowest point and the edges of the board are a bit higher.

What it gives to your ride is a bit of stability and ability to perform some slides. You can lock your feet in both for higher speeds and breaking in to slides. Although this concave wouldn’t be enough for downhill speeds and slides but it is as much as you need for a city cruiser.

Flex – sturdy as you want it to be

When it comes to the flex of the board, Dinghy is quite sturdy. The deck is made out of maple, therefore it is much stiffer than a bamboo deck for example. It might sound that a flexible deck would be more comfortable but it is quite the opposite with Dinghy.

Because the board is made for a variety of fun stuff, stiff decks helps. Because of the stiffer deck you will be able to perform ollies, kick flips, maintain stability when riding over rougher surfaces and break down in to slides much easier. Decks from other materials might be a bit lighter in weight but would limit you more as a rider in exchange.

Directional deck and its kicktail

As you can see from the images, Landyachtz Dinghy has a directional deck. It means that the boards nose and tail (front and back) are of different shape. Usually the symmetrical decks are used by the freeride riders in order to be able to slide and ride both ends of the board. In the case of Dinghy, it is not really needed, the board is meant to be ridden in a directional way.

When you take a look at the tail of the deck, you can see that it has a kick. The kick really helps if you are into performing skateboard like tricks, for example ollies, kick flips or even some manuals. This is really useful when you are skating the street and want to hop on a sidewalk. You don’t have to get off your board and then get back on for every time you are crossing the road.

Landyachtz Dinghy trucks

Dinghy comes with their own original Polar Bear 105 trucks. The trucks are also manufactured by Landyachtz together with other parts of the board. These trucks were selected for a reason – to make the board very easy to maneuver. Let’s take a look at how size of the trucks and other parts affect the ride.

Size – created for higher maneuverability

When we take a look at the size of the truck, or width to be exact, it is much shorter than the usual longboard trucks. The standard trucks width is somewhere within 160 – 180 mm range. What it adds to your ride is increased turn ability.

On the other hand, it does remove some stability from your ride as the board will be quicker to turn compared when mounted on wider trucks. But I wouldn’t worry about this too much as the main purpose of Dinghy is to ride the streets. Most likely you will not be bombing too steep hills with this board so it shouldn’t cause you trouble.


If we take a look at the bushings we can see that the bottom bushing is of barrel shape and the top one is a cone. The different shapes provide different qualities for the ride. By using a mix of cone and barrel bushings it adds both stability and maneuverability to the ride.

Orangatang bushings next to landyachtz wolf shark longboard

Let me provide a bit more detail about that. In general bushings are shaped differently to support a certain riding style or to improve the ride in a certain way. For example, barrel shaped bushings help the rider to maintain stability, especially during the longer turns. On the other hand, cone shaped bushings allows the board to make quicker turns and more agile movements.

Bushings is one of the parts which you might consider changing as you ride. Not that the stock ones are bad, but a lot depends on you weight when it comes to bushings. For example, I am a heavier guy, so I have just bought a new set of harder Orangatang bushings.

Baseplate and risers

These trucks have eight holes in their baseplate. If you ever consider mounting Bear trucks on other board, you will be able to do that with a larger variety of boards. As the eight holes in the baseplate makes trucks suitable for different kinds of boards.

The trucks are also equipped with risers. If you are to ride this bad boy in the city, you will have to do a lot of turns and you don’t want to get a wheelbite. To prevent that risers are inserted between the truck baseplate and the deck which lengthens the distance from your wheels to your board.

Landyachtz Dinghy wheels

Let’s take a look at the wheels. Like with the other parts of the board, wheels are manufactured by Landyachtz too. Dinghy is equipped with 63mm Fatty Hawgs wheels.

Size – smaller but still versatile

So if we look at the size of the wheels, it has a diameter of 63mm. Compared to the standard longboard wheels, they are a bit smaller (average is somewhere around 70mm). Of course, if we compare it to the size of skateboard wheels, they are bigger.

So how does it affect your ride? 63mm wheels will be accelerating much faster compared to the larger ones but the top speed will be lower. Don’t get me wrong, Dinghy can go really fast but it wouldn’t reach the downhill boards speeds.


The durometer of the wheels is 78A. It means that the wheels are on the softer side. How does affect riding Dinghy? The ride becomes smooth. The soft wheels also allow to ride over some debris and they are in general less bumpy than the harder ones.

Wheel cores

What about the cores? Fatty Hawgs have offset cores. It means that the core is placed between the middle of the wheel and side of the wheel. Basically, offset is a core in-between centerset and sideset (or backset) cores.

How does it affect the ride? Well, offset cores adopt some qualities of both other core types because it is something in the middle. Core placement adds both stability and more controlled slides.

Landyachtz Dinghy Bearings

Dinghy is equipped with Bear Spaceball bearings. They are also manufactured by Landyachtz. So when it comes to bearings, it is the only part of the board which has quite a few mixed opinions about how good it as. Although they are rated at ABEC 7, we know that bearing rating does not always say much.

Some riders say that they are pretty slow and should be replaced if you need more speed. Others say that the bearings are quite alright. To be honest, when I tried riding Dinghy, they did not feel  very fast nor slow.

What I would recommend is trying these bearings yourself. Do not discard them from the very beginning. Ride at least 8-10 miles to make sure they are broken-in and then decide. If you feel that you need more speed, go for an upgrade, simple as this.

If you are going to consider an upgrade of bearings, I would strongly recommend the Zealous. These are the bearings which I ride myself and I cannot be happier. They are really reasonably priced compared to other bearings in the market. They also have in built spacers and speed rings which takes the headache about looking after each part away. And these bearings are really fast (check out the price and reviews on Amazon).

Landyachtz Dinghy Price

I know, the price of the board is not an actual part of the board, right? So it should not be reviewed. But I still think that it is important for most of you out there. So just let me say this it’s a great deal for a small but very versatile board.

If you look at Landyachtz prices, most of them are higher than Dinghy’s. You might be able to get a small cruiser from other brand within the same price range but it wouldn’t be even close when it comes to quality and fun of riding it (click here for Dinghy price on Amazon).

Is Landyachtz Dinghy good for cruising?

You bet it is! This is the main strength and purpose of the board – cruising. As you were able to see from the detailed review, most of the parts of the board were engineered exactly for cruising in the city.

The board can accelerate fast due to size of the wheels, it can turn quick due to length of the board, you can hop on and off the sidewalks by using the kick tail and so on. And when you think about it, it is exactly what you need a board to do when cruising in the city or campus – you stop at red lights, accelerate again, do quick turns to avoid people and jump on and off sidewalks when possible. Dinghy is the best at it.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy good for downhill?

Sitting next to a longboard on the road before going downhillOk, but what about downhill? I’ll be honest, this is the style of longboarding for which you would find better boards to do it. Why? Because the qualities which make this board great for cruising, limits its usability in downhill.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you are able to ride down some mellow hills just fine. You would also be able to find some videos online how people reached really high speeds with it going downhill. But usually these are pro riders doing it so I wouldn’t recommend doing it for an average rider.

The board is short and really maneuverable but it takes away the stability of the ride which is needed for downhill. Also, because of the board being short, you most likely wouldn’t be able to properly tuck in for the ride.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy good for freeride?

When it comes to freeride, you could do some of it on your Dinghy. Although the board is short and you would need a bit longer one for freeride but it is doable.

The deck of the board has a concave so you can lock your feet in for the slide. Also the wheels are of the durometer and core placement which wouldn’t prevent you from sliding. There are of course more suitable choices for freeride but if you just want to push in to a few slides, this board can do it.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy good for pumping?

In theory, you could turn Dinghy in to a pumping board by buying new trucks and customizing your setup. But if we talk about the board how it comes out of the box, then no, it’s not good for pumping.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy good for dancing?

Although Dinghy is great for many things, dancing is not one of them. Most of the longboards meant to dance on are much longer. Somewhere within 40 – 48 inches of length (check out my post about longboards for dancing to see some examples). Landyachtz Dinghy is simply too short and narrow to perform dance moves on.

If you are looking for a dancing longboard, check out my comprehensive guide on picking the best board for dancing.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy good for beginners?

If we talk about the boards suitability for beginners it really depends how new to longboarding are you. If you are the kind of the beginner who has rode skateboards before just never tried longboarding, then sure, you will do great on a Dinghy.

But if you are totally new to longboarding and did not ride a board before, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one, unless your balance is great and you are not afraid of falling. Dinghy is an awesome board but it is not very stable compared to the kind of stability a beginner would need. You would need a board which you can stand comfortably on, with wider trucks and closer to the ground. And that’s just not Dinghy.

If you are thinking about your first board, I suggest you read through my guide on how to pick one for beginners (click here). It outlines the key things you need to know before getting one and I also provide some reasonably priced choices.

Is Landyachtz Dinghy too small?

I guess the size of the board is a concern quite of you have. Although Dinghy looks small when reading specifications and comparing to other boards, it does look quite ok, in terms of size, in real. I am 6.2 and I have no issue riding this board.

If you are much taller, then it might be an issue for you but up to 6.2 – 6.3 you should be totally fine.


To sum it up all, Dinghy is a great versatile cruiser which is a good catch for the price (see price on Amazon). It does not fit all of the longboarding styles out there but you don’t want a board which does everything. You want one which is the best choice for your needs. And if you are looking one for cruising, commuting or just having fun, Landyachtz Dinghy is your choice.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave me one below or reach out to me via the contact form.

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Cormoran Lee
Cormoran Lee
2 years ago

Mister Paul, Cruiser mannn!

After destroying all of my cruisers I have re-started to research about a new board.
After being tackeled on Youtube with this brand and being impressed by this brand and especially the dinghy I was falling in love, yet was left doubtful about certain issues.
Your review did seal the deal, I am 100% of this board now.
You absolutely smashed every bit of doubt.. and as a cruiser addict, I do need all of the small explanations to really comprehend fully the pros and cons of the board.. (because 5 years of skating still puts me an amateur in understanding the deep comparison you’ve made)

What can I say.. keep on writing.
I am sure you assist tons of us out there.

Thanks a lot.. very appreciated.

mama bear
2 years ago

Great goods from you, man. I’ve understand your
stuff previous to and you are just extremely magnificent.

I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you are stating and the way in which you say
it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for
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This is actually a great web site.