Budget longboard: best cheap longboards under 50 dollars

Cheap longboards under 50Looking for cheap longboards under 50 dollars? I am here to help you out. I remember when I was trying to choose my first longboard, I was looking at loads of cheap longboards, trying to make up my mind. And it was tough. At the moment there are so many longboards being sold that it blows my mind. And it is getting really difficult to spot which longboards are worth your time and attention and which are total crap. And there is a lot of crap out there.

I will provide my recommendations for cheap longboards under 50 dollars so you can have an easier time making a decision which one to buy. For those who just want to know which longboard to go for, my top pick is SCSK8 Longboard. For other readers who want a bite more detailed opinion – read on.


Longboard price and quality differences

Cheap longboardNow, before we proceed further. I want to stress that a bit more expensive longboards, somewhere in 150 – 200 dollars or even around 100 dollars range will be generally more fun to ride than the ones below 50 dollars. And the reason here is simple – more expensive longboards are made of better materials which ensure that your ride is smoother, faster and so on. So if you have already tried longboarding and you are looking for a board for yourself it would be a good idea to go for higher quality board from the very start, check out our best longboards for beginners picks.  But if you are not sure if you are going to like longboarding and don’t want to spend much on trying it out, then go for it. I was not sure about longboarding at first, so I picked a board for 60$ (still have it, check out the pic). I fell in love with the sport and after a month started ordering additional parts to improve the cheap board. So trying out a cheaper board first is a smart approach.


What we will be looking at when reviewing cheap longboards

So when reviewing the cheap longboards, we will take a look at a few parts of the longboard:

  1. Deck – I will review the materials of which the deck is made of, amount of layers and if the deck is prone to wheelbite or not.
  2. Wheels – we have to make sure that wheels are not made of plastic or any other material which is not really rideable
  3. Other parts – I will also take a look at other parts of the longboard to find the best choices for under 50 dollars


My top picks of cheap longboards under 50 dollars

As you might have noticed in my other posts, I usually don’t do ‘Top 10, Top 7’ and similar lists because I like to keep my list of picks open. That means if some new cheap longboard comes out in the market and it is worth your attention – I will add it to the list below. So let’s take a look at the best budget longboards you should really consider.


SCSK8 Natural blank longboard

Although at first the board might look a bit boring, SCSK8 is one of the cheap longboards brands which is worth your attention.

These guys don’t invest too much into graphics, most of their boards won’t have any graphics or very simple ones. But the purpose of this is to cut costs. Instead they provide a pretty good quality longboards for the price. The deck of the SCSK8 longboard is 40 inches long and is made of 7 plys of real maple – which is great keeping price in mind. This deck is perfect for cruising and the 40 inch deck will be suitable for both tall and shorter riders. The board also comes with standard SCSK8 trucks which are solid for the price. Durometer of the wheels is 80A and they are 70mm in height – again, pretty standard and suitable for most of the riders, especially beginners.

The only part which might need an upgrade soon is the bearings. Don’t get me wrong, the stock bearings will be enough in the beginning and they have a pretty high ABEC 9 rating. But what usually what happens with longboarding is that you want to go faster and faster. And upgrading of bearings is one of the first steps usually taken to make your longboard go faster.

Overall, if you have only 50$ to spend, this board is definitely a great choice! And would be my pick if I had only 50 dollars to spare.

Click here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews

Playshion Drop Through

Here comes another great steal for the price – Playshion Drop Through board. Playshion is a pretty new brand amongst longboards so I cannot say much about the brand itself. But I heard a quite a few good words about this board in particular.

Board comes with a 39 inch long deck which is made from 8 plys of maple. This board will be suitable for most of the riders despite their height and it also should be suitable to for heavier riders too. According to the manufacturer, the weight limit is 250 lbs. If you are close to this weight or even around 200 lbs, I recommend checking out my post about boards for heavy riders before you buy anything.

The deck is also a drop through which means that the board itself is more stable. This is very important for beginner longboarders. The wheels are 70mm in diameter, 50mm width and has a durometer of 78A which is standard nowadays. From what I heard about it, this longboard rides smoothly on different surfaces because of the wheels.

A few things to consider – bushings of the board come pretty soft – 83A – so you might need to change those if you are a heavier rider. Also, you might want to change bearings after a few months if you crave for higher speeds. But overall it is a pretty decent board within the budget of 50 dolllars.

Click here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews

Also, check out another review of the Playshion Drop Through in this video:

MINORITY  Downhill maple longboard

My third pick goes to the MINORITY downhill board. It is one of the coolest looking longboards in the category of under 50 dollars. The deck of the board is 40 inch long and is made of 8 ply maple. It is a dropped deck so it will be more stable compared to the top mount boards out there. This board comes with 7 inch aluminum trucks which are adjustable – quite impressive for the price point. And you can select the option which fits you better. Longboard has a standard set of 78A, 70mm in diameter and 50mm width wheels and ABEC 9 bearings – this will allow you to ride different surfaces smoothly.

What will need improvement – bearings. This is a common part which is lacking across all longboards under 50 dollars range. But you should not be discouraged by it. If you do have only 50 dollars to spend and want to try longboarding, just go for it. You will be able to upgrade bearings or the whole board later on.

 Click here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews


I really hope that my recommendations will help you to make a decision which budget board to pick. I also want to stress a few important things. If you buy a cheap longboard then please also make sure that you get a set of protective gear too. In general I would be a bit more cautious riding very cheap boards because of the quality of the materials. So avoid doing tricks like jumping on them or riding in crazy high speeds. But they are a great place to start learning longboarding and getting the feel for it.

As always, if you have a question or just want to chat, use the contact form or leave me a comment!


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