BoardUp Longboard Review: The Ultimate Portable Longboard?

Do you have to choose between a full-size longboard and a portable one? Or, more to the point, should you have to choose? If you find yourself trying to decide between a Penny board and longboard, the perfect solution may just be the BoardUp longboard. For those of you that are not into a long

How to Slide on a Longboard for Beginners: All You Need To Know

If you’ve ever seen anyone sliding on a longboard and wondered if you could learn to do the same, the answer is yes. Anyone can learn how to slide on a longboard. All it takes is mastering a few simple maneuvers and body positions. Sure, extra equipment can help make more slides possible and make

How to Prevent Longboard Wheel bite

If you have been riding a longboard for quite some time, I am sure that you have experienced wheel bite. If not, you most likely have heard it from other riders or seen it happen. Wheel bite is something we all want to avoid and there are ways to do it. I have come up

What is longboarding pumping and how does it work?

People often complain of tiring out when they ride their longboards for long stretches. We’re not talking about a trip to the local convenience store or riding around campus. The rides in question here are measured in miles, not hundreds of feet. And honestly, pushing and coasting will eventually wear just about anyone out. But

How often and how should you replace your longboard bearings?

When I have started longboarding, I knew nothing about bearings. I didn’t know how long it takes while they break in, how often they should be replaced and how to actually do that. Because I keep getting questions about when bearings should be changed, I came up with an idea to post this article. I

What are longboard speed rings (washers) and are they necessary?

Sitting and talking with some beginning longboarders recently, I was surprised to hear them ask if I using speed rings (or speed washers) is necessary and if I use them. These speed washers – or speed rings – play a minor-but-critical role in how a longboard functions. Nothing that comes included with longboard components is